About project

This section is constantly being changed. Visit us once in a while to keep track of the updates.

You are now on the Beta version.

Lots of things are not linked, errors may occur in some places.

We apologies in advance and hope that with your support we can get everything in order soon.

In the nearest future (already in process) we are planning to have the mobile version and add four more languages. Your vehicles could be seen by people all over the world.

The rules of the site are quite simple: they don't exist at the moment and there is no strong censorship.

We will ban only the things that come into the direct contradiction with the law.

Any post, any car will always appear in the main feed, that will give you a chance to be noticed.

All feeds are fully automized, being among the best will depend fully on how interesting the content is.

If you want to upload a photo of your vehicle with a naked girl - go ahead! But only YOUR vehicle's photo, not something copied elsewhere.

For ladies, we will soon have a section "Girl of the Day", so ladies will have a good chance for their personal PR.

There will also be "Car of the Week", "Car of the Month" and "Car of the Year" sections. You will have a chance to be popular for a long time.

We don't mind corporate accounts providing they have unique content. They will be free of charge until 1st January 2016.

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